Sunday, 4 March 2012

Reading the Bible

We've been dipping into our Bible every day but we've been trying to work out a good way of reading it all. We started off just opening it at a page and scanning it until we found something which we thought was interesting. But the problem with doing it like that is that we weren't getting the full message from what we were reading.

So then we went to the very beginning and started trying to read it straight through. But we were struggling with it that way. It seemed like there was so much to take in. I mentioned this to a friend and said that we were trying to read the whole Bible but we felt like we were floundering and she suggested that we try reading it in chronological order.

I never thought of doing it that way. She did a bit of searching on the internet and found us a massive PDF from which also gives notes on the verses selected to read. I think it's designed to read through in a year, though we might take a little bit longer because we want to spent plenty of time reflecting on what we're reading.

I'm planning on blogging as we go and would be really grateful if people posted comments on my posts to share how they view the verses we are studying.

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